Structure doesnt "Replace" a Standard Structure, looking for clarification on why.

I was hoping that someone could tell me a little more about how and when the ARK Engine decides that it is going to replace a Structure with another Structure that has been placed overtop of it. I have a Foundation Structure but when I place it overtop of an existing structure it simply places it on top of the existing structure and does not replace it. After a lot of experimentation it seems that it has something to do with the snap points. When the Snap Points are the same from one structure to the next it will “replace” the structure it is being placed into/overtop of. From a programming point of view I could see using the snap points as a guide to determine if the Item being placed into the existing item is similar enough to take its place. Is this in fact the case? I have a New set of structures and I would like them to work with the existing ones but if the Snap points need to align in order for one of the new structures to “replace” the old one this just wont work as the Snap Points are slightly different.

If This is not the case, what is it that I am missing? If in fact the snap points do need to align to replace structures does anyone have any suggestions on an alternate method of having a structure replace an existing structure?

My Thanks in advance for any information.

If you haven’t found your answer yet check “Allow Replacement By Structure Class Type.” Most of the time the adk set this value to whatever itself is. Just change that to the default “wall” or “foundation” base and you should be good.