Structure Database?


I would like to see some sort of Database integration which can be accessed completely via Blueprint. For example if you have got like 100 Items witch are all based on one Struct. You could then put all these Items Informations (Value, Actor, etc) sorted by an integer ID into an “StructDatabase”. This Database could then be used to “Get StructData by ID”/“Get StructData by name”, etc. inside of Blueprints and save it there in a Struct which the Database is based of.
This would be a really great option to better organise a large amount of Data without saving them all in for example each Blueprint. So when you need to make a change you just can add it to a Struct or modify it inside the StructDatabase.

Or something similar to that that allows organize a large amount of data.

And which of myriads possible data bases it would be ?

I can expect something like this in form of plugin. If you tell which data bases you would like to see, maybe someone from community will create plugin.

Well I don’t really know many different Types of Databases but for instance to read/write an easy Excel Database would suit me but I also don’t know if that is possible or I may have to export it into a different type of file “xml, csv” or something to make it.

Thats why I would love to see something like that already in the Engine without relying on 3rd Party Plugins or Software.

The Problem so far I had with Plugins is that I am not quite sure If I can get a Plugin Working on a Blueprint Only Project, since you have to recompile the Editor for the Plugin to show up. But only on C++ Project the Compilebutton is available.

You can’t really make it without at least some coding, but in next version there will some blueprint functions exposed for Data Tables.