Structure cannot set actor?

Whats this?

its set to editable? ive tried different blueprint structures? why can i not set the actor?

I found some inforamtion about something that you cannot set actors references in Structures because it must have something from the actual 3D space to get it from. it cant just put it in as a class.

But i can put in skeletal meshes, static meshes, all kinds of variables and sound and pretty much all i can think of.
Why not actors? making pickups for weapons and stuff would be so easy if you can make all weapons into an actor and then get them from a structure along with damage, ammo count and so on.

Is there any way to get this to work?

Alright so this is the answer if anyone else runs into this problem!

In a Blueprint Structure you cannot use Actor Reference as default value.

Here is why: Actor reference needs somewhere in 3D space to refer from, and since bp struct is a variable outside of the 3D space it cannot refer to anything.

How to solve this: There are 2 ways to solve this issue, A and B

A: You can set the values in a blueprint during gameplay and then refer an actor from the 3D space like this:

B: You can instead of reference use the class you want. So in the Bp Struct you use Actor > Class (instead of reference)

And then use it for example like this:

Hope this was helpful for someone!