Structure array is smaller on runtime

I’ve defined the elements of an array of structures in the details panel but once I’ve hit play it loses the last element, therefore, I can’t get everything I want on the screen :frowning:

You have 5 elements and it prints 4 wich is correct.
Arrays are 0 based so 1 is 0

It is not correct as Length is not supposed to give you the index number but the number of elements in the array. Something else is wrong. Maybe it is the wrong object that you are printing from?

As above or something else modifies the array.

I’ve triple check and sadly it is the right object, in the screenshot it even shows the array variable name with 5 elements being the one called.

I thought this might be it but I even print the array on construct and I get the same result.

It’s a super weird thing to happen and I’ve been using a very similar method to fill other UI elements elsewhere in my project with no issue but once this one came along, usual logic has flown out the window…

In the variable tab, you can right click & create a duplicate array based on your controls array. Then connect this duplicate to the print string. Since this new array will not be used anywhere by default, you can check if it prints out 5.