Structural SF Kitbash

this modular Structural SF Kitbash set features over 500 objects and 12 preset material variations. It includes a blueprint that sets the material properties in a way that the particular scale of the object in the map will not impact the textile density so that all objects regardless of scale have the same amount of texture detail. The materials can be altered and changed around since they are also modular in structure while getting the details in regards to ambient occlusion and where to place dust and dirt from 10 source base alpha maps the actual details can be set via vector parameters for colors and by setting the 4 particular detail textures to use.

in case you like randomness you can click in the blueprint on the random texture random object buttons and then just get an element to start building with.

These are some test structures and things that I did built using the set if there’s interest I can add them as prefabs to the pack