Struct with int array producing random number

If you get int array[0] the expected output would be 100, but this one will output a random number.


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Hello Kurosu143,

I believe your issue is due to how you are using the add node for arrays. The random numbers you are getting are memory locations because you are going out of bounds for your array. You can find more about the array nodes here:

Actually it’s only that specific struct that is not working, if I make a separate same struct it will work. The struct was working yesterday, for my pathfinding algorithm, then when I tried it today the indices of my nodes are all jumbled up. So I remade the whole pathfinding blueprint, it works fine for a moment, but when I close ue4 then open it, the struct broke again.

Right now I remade the whole project in 4.13 and it’s still working fine