Struct variable naming - illegal characters but no warning

Branch: Binary from Launcher.

Build Version: 4.9.1-2689999+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.9

Issue Description: Apparently struct variables have similar naming limitations as blueprints do (no spaces, exclamation marks, etc.) but they don’t have the same warning. If you you type in a new name that contains illegal characters and hit enter, it deletes what you typed and reverts to what it was before. There’s no feedback on what went wrong. If the same warning you get while naming blueprints would show up for naming struct variables, that would be nice!

I didn’t test every character out there, but here are a few that I did test:

Characters that do work: ?*+<>

Characters that do not work: !@#$%^(){}[]=/,.'"(and space)


Repro Steps:

  1. Right-click in content browser.
  2. Under “Create Advanced Asset”, “Blueprints”, click on “Structure”.
  3. Open the struct.
  4. Try renaming a variable in the struct.


Hello ,

Thank you for submitting your feedback. It looks like this may be a bug, or at the very least an inconsistency in the naming convention. I’ve gone ahead and entered a bug report for this issue, UE-21400.

Have a great day,

Sean Flint

Cool, thanks Sean!