Struct setmember not working

So I set a boolean to false and set an integer to 1234. Yet the boolean is true and the integer is 0… How is that possible?

Struct come from array? Seams like you cannot set by reference variables from array past “get”.

So the Array.Get returns a read-only struct but throws no error when I assign something to it and allows me to setmembers in it… Oh Indeed I found it here: RA UE-6451 and Bug going back as far as UE4.4. So we can’t pass them by reference, we can’t put them inside arrays, and the other 2 workarounds are insanely complex.

Thanks for the answer. Seems that structs are simply unusable (beyond a very basic use of it) in this engine and that we have to code our own variant of it. No pass by reference, can’t be stored as reference, C++ requires a lot of UE4 knowledge to implement it there and arrays are bugged since 4.4… I’m severely disappointed in Unreal.

There are ugly workaround for it , but yes, its quite bad.

So you basically create & assign a whole new struct to the array-element. That’s gotta be great for performance.

I think it’s better to just drop stucts all together and just not use them. They are badly implemented by the Unreal devs. C++ or blueprints with public variables are better imo.

This would not affect you, that performance hit.

Seriously not fixed in ue4.13 yet? This gotta be something they have to look into. It’s a major bug.