[Struct] Set members node not working


I have a serious problem since many hours: the “set members in” node doesn’t work at all.

To make simple:

  • I have a struct “Item_Struct” with some variables inside.
  • I have a widget calling this struct and displaying these variables on the screen.
  • I want one of these variable being changed by the thirdpersoncharacter.
  • On the Thirdpersoncharacter BP, I made a struct which type is my “Item_struct” and a float variable “Inventory_Number”.

In the thirdpersoncharacter BP, “On Beginplay”, I tried to do these two things, but it doesn’t work.

The number displayed in the widget will always be “0”, whatever I try. The members are just no set in the struct, so the widget will always display the default values.

This is my widget:

Struct variable referencing my struct:

Text displaying what he got from the struct:

Setting values from the struct to the widget:

I search for many hours, I just don’t know what can I do more.

To resume:

I have struct with variables. I call this struct in the widget and display the values. I also call this struct in the thirdpersoncharacter to change a value manually.

I want to set this new value in the struct so the widget will display this new value on the screen, and not the default value from his own struct variable.

Thanks a lot for your help :smiley:

I could well be missing the point, but I thought with the ‘set members’ node, you had to choose what you want to set:

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