Struct parenting

Why not ? It’s useful for a lot of things, such as an inventory system when you need specific data for a specific item.
Just add it please.

Are you talking about BP or C++, because this is perfectly possible in C++.

Blueprint ‘structs’ aren’t really “structs” if I remember correctly, they need wrapper classes to be exposed to the editor. Not sure how it works, but setting that up would be pretty complicated. My interim advice would be to just use a UObject as a base instead, since BP classes support inheritance.

I’m talking about BP Structs.
As far as I know, any UObject needs to be spawned into the level, and I don’t think they can be serialised.
And why would it be hard to do if C++ already has it and BP is just a visual C++ ?

I really need this for savegames too, +1.

Also, it could be a good moment for removing the bugs, like the one we’re you can’t save an array inside an array of structs.

To be honest i`d settle for the ability to modify a struct without the whole project imploding.

Either way, they need a rework.

I’m honestly not 100% on this, but IIRC under the hood - BP Structs aren’t actually ‘structs’, so I have no idea how tough it would be to expose them for inheritance. Out of interest since I’m a C++ guy, is there no reparent option for a BP struct once it’s been created?

It does not exist.

Yeah I guess it isn’t supported currently then… shame really. +1 for this, would certainly be useful.

As far as I know, BP is a little VM on its own. When a BP is compiled, its not compiled into machine code, but into bytecode for the BP system.

I somehow have the feeling that a problem with that could be the UE reflection system. USTRUCTs are not UCLASSes afterall…

Rahahahahahahhaha, in 4.14 they go boom way too much also…worse than other releases…

Why isn’t this a thing yet.

need this to save character’s info across the game