Struct generation failed for gathering of data for culstures

Windows 7 64-bit

UE 4.9.1

I’m working with localization dashboard.

  • Choosing “Gather from Packages”. Including one item “./Content/*”
  • Adding new culture “Russian(Russian)” (ru_RU)
  • English (en) culture seted as native
  • Hit “Gather”.
  • It asks me about structure type. Hiting some default.
  • Got error as listed on image below


I’ve tryed to add structure with field: en, ru-RU and WordCount. Regather data from the begining and set my structure to use. But I always got error “cannot find Property for column WordCount”

So question is about: why it asks me about some structures?

Nothing found about it

Hi ,

Can you show me the struct you are working with? It looks like there is a difference between what categories you are using and the type of variable entered.


For WordCount I’ve tried Integer/float/String/Text - no luck.

Try creating an entirely new struct for your values. Are you able to see any change or does this occur in a completely new struct as well? Is this limited to your project or does it occur in a clean, blank project with no additional content as well? Are you attempting to connect a data table to this struct? If so what values are you using and how do you have the data table set up?

Yes, problem reproduces in clean project. Main question is: should I create such struct by myself? As I can state it should be created automatically.

If it works when you create it automatically it would be good to do so for now. However, can you send me a copy of the assets you are working with? I’d be happy to test and see if I can see what may be going on? If you are not comfortable with this, can you list steps I can take to reproduce this on my end?

I’m creating it automatically? I can’t undestand you.

I’m working with widget which just have textblock on canvas and nothing more.

I apologize, I believe I misunderstood you in my previous post. Structs are typically best created by the developer as opposed to being created automatically. I thought you were saying that the struct was auto-generated and that was working, a misreading on my part. Basically what you typically need to do is create a struct with each variable that you are associating with your data table, then create the data table based on this struct. This will auto populate the data table with the information you import in the variable types of the struct created. Try this and see if it works for you.

If I am still misunderstanding please let me know.

So, you telling me that catching an error when you trying first time to work with translation is right? Besides when you trying to work with translation for first time and have no such structure you MUST mention some defult structure. And after that you CAN’T change that structure: there is no mechanics to change it.

Hi ,

Unfortunately I’m having a bit of difficulty understanding what you mean. Can you send me a sample project that I can see what you mean so I can better understand what you are seeing and what it may be doing?

Hi ,

We have not heard from you in several days. I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment with the requested information.

This is not part of Localization process. Localization Dashboard creates report file Game.csv in Content/Localization/Game folder. It contains only statistics like word count and date/time of report. After this Unreal Editor found new file in you project (Game.csv) and try open it as DataTable. Becouse file have extension .csv. Thats why it ask you choose data row format in dialog. Press Cancel or ignore this error message.

Update: you can disable error datatable message by uncheck Monitor Content Directories at Loading & Saving at Editor Preferences.

If world count still 0, dont use default Game target. Create new target like NewTarget (see screenshot). And manual add directories where Localization Dashboard must find files for translate and where not (see screenshot). Else it get error. After this you will see number for found words.