Struct Entries overwritten by other Structs in other Functions

I’m using 4.7.2, all is done in Blueprint.

I’ve made a video about bug - here what I’m doing:

I duplicated a function that has many “make struct” inside to make arrays. One function makes arrays for “Pistol Mods”, other for “Shotgun Mods”.
Whenever I edit a “text” value from one function, it also takes over changes to other function.
If I change name of a Pistol mod and press compile, it gets overwritten by Shotgun mod in other function in same position. When I change Shotgun mod, changes are also visible in Pistol mod struct.

Watch video: - YouTube

Hi Blue669,

Thanks for report! I was able to reproduce this in 4.7.2 and our main internal build, and have entered a bug report for it (UE-11642). To clarify, I only saw this occur when modifying Text value in duplicated function; a change in duplicated function would make same change to original function. I’ll post here when I see any updates. Thanks!

Hi Blue669,

Looks like this has been fixed internally, and should no longer be an issue in 4.8. If you still see this issue after 4.8 release, please let us know. Thanks!