Struct editor customization?

I am almost sure this doesn’t belong here but cannot find a forum section where i should post it.
I recently began using structs so I watched some youtube tutorials on same topic.
Then I noticed something strange.
Struct Editors in the videos are arranged vertically while mine is horizontal.
Can you please how to change the layout? I am using 4.16.3
Here is screenshot of mine struct editor. If the content of the struct is too long then it became to tedious to edit due to constant scrolling necessary.

And here is the screenshot I found on the answer hub. Content of both structs is irrelevant, it’s all about layout.


Because the Design of it is poor, its not structured to put in thousands of variables in it, its designed more for handling games that use a small amount of variables. But when it comes to dialog based storyline games, I think they use alot more variables because of all the events to keep track of during in the storylines. But yes the more entries you put in the struct, (on my system), the slower the editor is to respond back, (i’m running with 16 gigs of ram). (the editor pauses for several seconds or more) before adding in the next entry. You don’t get these kind of
hitching issues with using a text editor but you do for some reason when using a UI based editor.

My project is on smaller side so speed is not a problem, not yet anyway. Problem I have is that my layout (pictured in first pic) has two panels on top of each other while other people have layout with panels side by side. I find second variant more practical and would like to know how to set it up in my editor. In any case, thanks for input.