Struct default Margin Value does not update in Data Table

When changing a struct’s default value for a variable of type ‘Margin’, the default will not update in a Data Table that uses that struct unless the Margin is maximized.

To reiterate, if you edit a struct’s default variable of type Margin, it will not update if the Margin variable is collapsed.

Create a struct, add a Margin variable. Create a Data Table using that struct. Create a new row in the Data Table, pay attention to the Margin variable in that row. Go into the struct, make sure the Margin variable is collapsed, and edit it’s default value, the default in the Data Table should not change. Now expand the Margin, and edit it again, this time, the value should update in the Data Table.

Edit: I would like to clarify, the changes actually only take effect if you hit enter while typing in the expanded fields.

Hi ,

I was able to reproduce this error on my end and have entered a bug report, UE-26443, to be assessed by the development staff.