Struct Color and associated issue

Hi guys,

I was working with setting an arrow colour via the blueprint graph and I couldnt seem to find it amongst the struct list. What I tried as a work around is converting a linear colour, then I removed the linear colour input from the conversion which allowed me to use the colour picker but after selecting a colour I got a dramatic slowdown in fps down to a steady 2fps and I reproduced the issue.

I’ll go ahead and use the make colour literal to see how that goes, but some people may want to make byte colour struct variables within blueprint :slight_smile:


Hey Daniel,

Thanks for your report! You are absolutely right that we are missing the Color struct from our variable options! I have filed a defect report to have this struct added to our variables list.

There is a workaround in the mean time–when you have the Set ArrowColor node, if you drag off of the ArrowColor input pin, you can search for a Make Color node and put in Byte values for R/G/B/A. For the LinearColor struct, you can also drag off the input pin (color picker) and search for Make LinearColor to be able to pass in Float values for R/G/B/A.


Hope this helps you out!



Thanks for that, the other issue Im having seems to be related to the realtime button and colour picker but I still havent been able to narrow it down so when I get a better idea of whats causing it I’ll make a new thread :slight_smile:

While I can’t see any reason not to include FColor as a struct as well,

I can offer you this as a solution!

There is a LinearColor to Color converter