Struct Chain with Lists


Is it not possible to create the following setup?:

Struct 1 S_Stationlist:
Key (Enum: E_StationType) Value S_ProcessList

Struct 2: S_ProcessList:
Key (Enum:E_ProcessType) Value S_VariableList

Struct 3: S_VariableList
Key (Enum: E_VariableType) Value S_ConfigList

Struct 4: S_ConfigList
String: ConfigValue

Then I go Trough a Datatable an want to fill the lists. With find i go to the specific S_ConfigList Map and add the values. But it does not add anything. The values are empty. But It finds the Single Maps I checked it the return value of the find nodes returned True !

Simple awnser: The Find node of the maps dont return references.

Fast Workaround: Setup an array inside the lists. wich contains one value(otherList) so you can set the array and change it like you want. The find function of an array is by ref xD

CPP: Create a function that returns a ref instead of a value.