Stripping out some source code for Custom Builds of Unreal Engine

Is it possible to strip out lots of code dealing with IOS/Android and TVOS without causing the Engine Source to give compile errors or are these Platform Environments Base Code so baked in that stripping down the engine would cause more problems than what it’s worth? I ask since I am writing custom netcode for Server Client on a Larger scale in order to get more functionality and resource out of the engine when it’s ran. I actually don’t plan on supporting Mobile or any that is not Windows, Mac or Linux/Unix.

You don’t really need to strip anything out - just add what you want for the platforms you support, I don’t think anything is forcing you to build the engine for android etc.

I already fixed the issue buy stripping out all the Unneeded code for Android, Oculus, HoloLens, TVOS, IOS, Google and Tencent along with Facebook.

While you are at it, you might want to consider removing Python foundation and all Python support, since it adds nearly 12GB extra size to engine installation.

Do you use python for scripting or Lua or do you think I should just go for designing my own scripting engine for quest lines

Python is for the Editor scripting only.
You won’t even use it for anything executed on packaged games.

Trying to make the Engine Source as super lightweight as possible for Custom Source Control since I plan on designing my own Networking Framework for the engine.