String variables not updating if case different

I have a string variable in an actor blueprint. The default is “W”, but when I set it to “w”, it stays at “W”. So there must be some case insensitive string comparison in the code somewhere that is breaking.

I download and compile the engine myself, but don’t know where to look in the code for this. Send me some tips and I’ll try to track it down and submit a pull request, but take a look and try it yourself. I made a simple test project and it seemed like it was working fine, but I’m definitely seeing it in my large project. My large project creates a bunch of these actors with different letters and it always fails on the ‘w’ actor. (Stays ‘W’)

Hi ,

I attempted this but have been unable to reproduce the bug on my end. What version of the editor are you currently using?

I’m on the latest. 4.7.6

I also had problems reproducing it in a test app, but I do have a large app that shows the problem everytime. I could give you github access if you wanted to reproduce it and track it down.

I also noticed another similar problem. If I have a Text Render with the default text as ‘X’ and then set it to “x” it stays “X”. That was also not easily reproducible, but it happens everytime in my app.

Hey -

Are you referring to the name of the variable not changing cases or the value of the string variable not updating? If it is an issue with the name of the variable, does the same thing happen if you change the variable from a string to something else? What happens if you give the variable a “temporary” value? For example if the default is “W” can you change it to “T” first and then to “w”?


Value. I can try some experiments with changing it to something else first.

Hey -

I am still unable to reproduce this bug on my machine. Can you try testing in a new project without any additional content? If you do have this bug occur please list the steps you took to create it.

Hey -

We’ve not heard back from you in a few days. I will be marking this post as resolved for tracking purposes, however if you’re still having problems with your string variable value please feel free to comment with the information previously requested to reopen this post.