String to Object?

I am making a blue print that builds floors/ceilings out of modular pieces depending on a specified size.
However after i calculated what pieces i would need i cant seem to convert the string into the selected object.

I have my objects named so that they can be selected through a string like:



With a “Format Text” node i was able to format the required object names like “Floor_{X}x{Y}” using variables to select the required object.
However when i want to set a staticmesh to use a certain object i just cant seem to plug this “text” back into the object input of the “SET floorobject” static mesh variable.
I tried converting to string though i cant convert it any further from there.

Is there a way to feed back a text back into a static mesh node?

You could try using a switch on string or switch on name. Say “if name is equal to this name then set the static mesh to be this one.” Strings and static meshes are completely different entities, so while you can convert an mesh’s name to string, you can’t convert a string to a mesh.

You might also create an array of these static meshes and when you need to get one of them with the string name, do a foreach loop on the array and “Get display name” of each array element, then if the display name == the string you can break out of the loop and use that array element.