String table localization issue

I tried to set up my first localization system using string table texts and the localization dashboard.
The language is definitely set correctly but the game does always retrieve the original string table text and not the translation.
I used the following process:

  1. Creating String table
  2. Connecting widget texts to the string table (tested with widget properties and “Make Literal Text”, not with both combined)
  3. Adding a new Game Target in Localization dashboard and setting the loading policy to “Always”
  4. Setting the Gather from Packages to the folder of my string table
  5. Changing the native culture from German to English
  6. Gathering the texts
  7. Adding German translations
  8. Counting Words, compiling single culture translation, compiled text on top of all cultures and compiled game targets

The weird thing is that numbers, currency and the language code itself are returned correctly when I change the language. Only the localized texts are not correct.

My test setup:

Localization Dashboard:

Region & Language settings (first 2 change to German / English depending on ingame selection, cannot edit the third)

I don’t know why but another recreation of the game target worked.
Things which may have been different to before:

  1. Game Target is named “Game”, not “UI”
  2. More words in the string table and only parts translated
  3. Did not need to switch to Native Culture English manually since the region and language settings were already english beforehand