String nodes glitch if you add multiple spaces

Hello, I have encountered a bug in UE 4.12 with multiple types of nodes that use string inputs.
I have found that if you clear all the text from a Print String or Append String node using (CTRL+A, Backspace), then type at least 3 spaces with spacebar, the node “flips out” (for lack of a better term). Basically once the spaces reach the edge of the box, instead of expanding, it goes nuts.
I have recorded a video showing it, as well as a gif (although the gif is half the speed of the video, but I can embed the gif here).

I have tested it in a blank project, still happens. I’ve only tested the Append and Print String nodes.

I do not think it’s so much a critical bug, as a visual one, but looking at it certainly gave me a headache.

Here’s the full-speed video link