String Compare Error


I’m using a blueprint to save command line parameters to a string variable. I can read and print the variable with the result “Static” (this is just an example). Next I am trying to load a scene called Static with the Load Stream Level node.

The Load Stream Level node works when I type “Static” in, but if I plug my string value in (an auto conversion from string to name is created) the level will not load.

To hack around this, I tried to use the string compare function to compare the variable I’m printing with written text “Static”, however this seems to always fail. I tried no quotes, single and double with the same results. This is really basic and odd, is this perhaps an error with the Engine? I’m using a Linux build of 4.17.1

Attached is a screenshot of my script. When this script runs, “Static” with no quotes appears on the screen, yet the comparison results in false.