Stretched textures on cliffs


I just saw the Fortnite level design stream event yesterday and I liked how the cliffs were made.

It sounds stupid but I’m wondering how to achieve this kind of result without having the rock texture stretched by the sharpness of the cliff.

I use a landscape terrain and one cliff is very straight, almost horizontal and the UV are very deformed, so when I paint texture it’s not good.

The solution I found was just making a mesh in blender that covers the cliff but it’s time consuming and it brings blending issues with terrain

Thank for help


Use a world aligned material rather than using the UVs. There’s a good vid here:

As @ClockworkOcean said, use a tri-planar projection method instead of relying on the landscape UV. Basically, you project the texture from 3 different axis (X,Y,Z) onto the object rather than just one (Z).

@ClockworkOcean @STRiFE278, thanks I researched it and end up with this node (plugged to base color and normal blending):

It worked fine, until I tried it on a rounded cliff:


So I don’t know what I missed here, you can see on the picture there are 3 different results (of course with the same layer painting).

The green area is acting pretty good.
The yellow area has normal problem and render is different, but still no stretching.
The red is stretched, but, when I sculpt this side of the mountain with a 0.0001 strenght brush, it fixes the stretching and the result is same as the green area. I thought of a refresh issue but recompiling shaders or restarting unreal does’t fix it, only tiny sculpt does… weird…

I’d say leaving the contrast at 1 is probably better…

doesn’t help. I keep investigating. The normal problem on right appears on X axis texturing only. This is a good hint

[USER=“3678198”]Medo Melo[/USER] UE4 Tutorial 101 — Texture Projection 2/2