Stretch model according to certain fix points.

hi all,

did not find hint after initial research about my issue.
Is there a way to “stretch” or “align” the model using certain known points and there position.
The example shows our staircase and parts of the elevator doors. I know that the elevator doors are exactly above each other so i want to use that fact to correct the model. Is that in any way possible - functions or workflow?


If you know the distance from the top of the elevator door and the thickness of the ceiling, you could try and generate your own coordinates for control points.
Other than that, I don’t think it would be possible…

Hi Florian
looking on the images, you need much MORE images, take one set of upstairs left, downstairs left, upstairs right, downstairs right… so when you have enough images and it‘s photogrammetry-friendly environment, you can align the images with proper, like in the real world position, so no jumps etc…