Street barriers with fully changeable textures "SUBSTANCE"

Hey guys,


Like i wrote before, the update contains 4 new mehses + LOD’s for the new and old meshes.
Update 1.2 will come soon with another 4 new meshes “barriers”.

A little UPDATE of 4 additional barriers, all buyers will receive the free update after the marketplace content get updated. I just wrote a request to epic for my update.

The set is made of 24 street barriers with substance materials, this means almost everything on the textures is changeable within the UE4 Editor, Rust, Dirt, Wear Level and even the Base informations like the
base color or base roughness, normal intensity and metallic values are changeable…

The resolutions of each substance file can be changed from 256 x 256 to 2048 x 2048 pixels

Some objects can be used as one obejct but also put in a modular way together “for example a fence”.

Any questions, feel free to contact me or just leave a post.

Looks good. I was busy converting some of my assets to use multiple materials like that … I might just can that idea and buy yours instead … makes my life easier. 8-}

Looks really cool!

Looks great, and proves that i need to work with substance.

Btw. that new substance painter is very nice app.

Good looking and very useful!

Very good work , i voted

Thank you guys!

About substance designer, it is just fun to work with this appliacation… I always hated to work with textures but substance designer makes it really comfortable to work “create” them for my objects.
The possibilitys are simply amazing and i just scratched the surface of possibilities which substnace designer can offer :slight_smile:

I’m using the same objects “barriers” for my little project and it makes working a lot easier, one texture “work” in substance designer and i can use the same object a few times in my scene without getting the “Level Recycling Effect” :slight_smile:
when using the same objects a few times in a little area… The size of the textures “substance files” is also a big win for me…

It’s now up on the marketplace so please vote for it :slight_smile: , many thanks!

i Voted :smiley: good luck

Many thanks!

A little update for the barriers pack, a few additional free barriers.

Do you have plans to just in general make substances to sell? No one else besides does them

Thanks for updating the pack, really appreciate continous support !

thank you for your feedback!

I noticed there was a update for this pack on Friday before I went away for the weekend and I wanted to know whether that was just a compatibility update or have you included new additional meshes and/or substances?

P.S. I’m sure I will find out when I get back to my PC but I figured an update here would be good so not only myself but others can be informed on what was updated :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply benjamin, the update should be now live.

Update 1.1 Contains 4 new meshes and lod’s for the new and old meshes…