Streching of meshs with perspective camera

So i have been looking around with stuff about cameras on mobile and what i have read and read all don’t seem to deal with any bit of the issue i seem to have. I also tried with orthographic and that feels so wrong with what i want, So if anyone knows any better info i may read through and learn i would love to hear it. The issue is below.

I don’t see anything wrong with that screenshot, Could you point out what it is?

I think what you find “wrong” is due to perspective distortion, Lowering the Field of View should help with that.
The orthogonal camera matrix would make it look like a 2D game.

Do you have a picture that shows what you want to acheive (camera wise)?


Yes what i found wrong was the perspective distortion, i have been testing lowering FoV and its does help a little but you do notice the distortion still. What i was looking for was a way to feel that the world is 3d and have some depth but not as much depth as the lower half of the image at the top where the ball is you see a little depth to the map but not to much.

The only way I can think of to acheive what you want is to force the game to stay in landscape orientation on the phone, Assuming that is how the levels are layed out.

I remember reading a blog post or paper that talked about using a wide FoV and then using a pixel shader to remap that so that you got the wide FoV, But with less distortion from that.

Well i did original try to set my maps in landscape but i had issues with the changing my my main menu orientation to landscape, So i have been working in portrait. The funny thing bout your second comment is that i was thinking of doing something like that with post process volume or something to the like but i have not gotten around to even attempt that.

UPDATE: I was able to work it out with switching the FoV to 70 then i tilted the Camera Y-20 and brought the arm out to X-476 and it looks a lot better now as seen below

That does look better :cool:
I should add this to a list of things to check if I run into a similar situation.