Streaming YouTube/Twitch to Unreal MediaFramework

Ask service providers themselves:

There no way you can do this without properly registering to use there APIs, even if there was away there a chance that the won’t like this. First and foremost read the rules if they even allows you to use there service in way you planing to do. So study official documents. You most likely will need to do some C++ coding or maybe use VaRest to do HTTP communication.

Hello Unreal Community, I was wondering if it is possible to stream YouTube or Twitch livestreams into Unreal Engine’s new StreamMediaSource framework.

I have researched that YouTube and Twitch come down to a .m3u8 file which defines a stream, however Unreal doesn’t seem to interpret them correctly.

I believe the files would need to be .mp4 and I am wondering if anyone knows a way to get raw .mp4 streams from YouTube or Twitch, if not possible, than any potential workaround way.

This would be most appreciated, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

For YouTube you can take a look at what VLC does to parse the HTTP responses. This would have to be ported to C++ and integrated into VlcMedia (issue #27). Pull requests welcome :slight_smile: