Streaming sublevels

Hi, everyone
I’m having a little trouble streaming sublevels in my 3d sidescroller project. Now, I’m not really sure if I’ve done this all correctly but what i have is a persistent level with 6 sublevels that are streamed in with a simple Collison box ive put together. All my sublevels are fine until the last sublevel. What happens is my character will get to a certain point in the last level and stop moving forward as though there’s a blocking volume in front of him. The entire world so far is only 1km in length at this point. I think I might be doing the whole map/level thing wrong???
Giving me a pretty good headache.
any help would be massively appreciated

Fixed it!. I ran an on hit event on my character and printed to the screen. Seems my character was somehow colliding with the background landscape so I moved the landscape back and the problem is now gone