Streaming Status for (Listen Server) (Server Streaming Disabled): (Idle)

I`ve setup a level with world partition everything working fine on standalone build but when I play as a listen Server seems like everything is always loaded and not working correctly

and I have 24.722 placed in the world and in the outliner its seems like actor placed in the world almost doubled and all of them are Loaded


Anyone help and suggestions are more then welcome

Thank you in advance for the support.

Hey guys after some more testing I`m 100% sure that Word partition is not working while you open session as listen server (Online/LAN).
When creating Offline session World Partition is working correctly as expected, anyone know how to fix this issue or maybe any work around?

Hey guys,
After some more digging I found out that Server Streaming is still experimental and Epic not planning to complete this feature any time soon.

if anyone still interested in Enabling Server Streaming use the command below:

wp.Runtime.EnableServerStreaming options:

0 - Disabled (default)
1 - Enabled
2 - Enabled (PIE only)

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thank you !!!