Streaming Save Hitch

G’day. Hoping someone might point me in the right direction to help fix this initial hitch on saving.
This issue doesn’t seem to be a problem when starting a new game or early progression saves i.e. saving is fast. It seems the saving hitch gets longer as more game progression is saved. I thought it could be something I’m saving in the world but the fact that only the first save after loading a game causes the hitch, and there is no hitch if you save immediately after that makes me wonder. After checking with Insights it does look like Streaming and FlushAsyncLoading might be the issue, whatever that might mean I hope to find out.
Thanks for any help !

EDIT : Just to add, the level is a single landscape nearly 8k across. The only things set up for streaming are several navmesh bounds.

The image shows what happens after I load the game and then save twice.

  • Display Open save menu and save
  • Display Streaming / FlushAsyncLoading occurs (A long hitch followed by some object warnings)
  • Display Save menu closes (followed by some log)
  • Display Open save menu and save (followed by object warnings)
  • Display Save menu closes (this time no hitch and no FlushAsyncLoading)

How are you saving, how much are you saving?

Thanks for the reply.
Everything is BP. I was using normal save but now using Async save as I thought it might help the issue but it doesn’t. Saving works fine in Ed and I moved forward without testing enough.
Around 100 variables and less than 100 references to game actors.
The FlushAsyncLoading happens everytime this issue occurs in a build and as I say, it never happens testing in Ed.

I actually found the async hitches in editor. You also have to watch it, as it can’t handle locking. IE if you’re writing from more than one execution stream, only one write will make it.

You’ve basically got about 200 variables there, which is a tiny save file, it should be unnoticable.

Yep I’m aware of the Async save thing. This issue is happening with or without it, or so it seems. I don’t understand why it only happens the first time you save and then after that any hitch is greatly reduced. I’m also confused why it’s not an issue in Ed and if that is because everything is loaded. The fact it gets worse with game progression i.e. more things found and references saved makes me wonder if it’s something or some way I’m saving. I’m not having much luck looking into the Insights profile.

How large is the save game file once you get going?


So it should be absolutely instantaneous. You could expect a hitch if you save file was 23 mb, for instance.

It does sound a bit like you have a logic problem somewhere.

That may be so. I’m not a Programmer so I’m unable to debug in VS. I’m still sus about why saving the second time works fine and what connection the FlushAsyncLoading has with the issue.
Thanks for your reply.

If your save game is that small, just don’t use async. Async is for large amounts of data :slight_smile:

Was able to track this down through the profiler to a blueprint issue. All is well. Thanks.

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