Streaming Paks from Server

I am trying to adapt the code found in this repo (GitHub - moritz-wundke/AsyncPackageStreamer: Simple plugin giving you the ability to load PAK files fr) to stream a .pak from a remote server. Right now I am testing with this AWS server (, but I’m just looking for a proof of concept. I have been able to mount the materials in a pak once it has been downloaded, but I’m struggling with the streaming half of my problem.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated! Thanks! -Rudy

Nice you made it here ^^

So could you outline your progress with the UnrealFileServer so far? Even on local.

Note: I’ll be moving the thread into the C++ forum too because it’s more about how to do something platform agnostic.

So far I’ve done very little with the UnrealFileServer. My only progress has been being able to unpak and mount files saved on my hard drive during runtime.

Ok then, start trying to run UnrealFileServer from Visual Studio. You should have a look into the code because it’s not something really documented at the moment.

You also may have a look at the UTCode because they are doing Map dowload, Asset Download with Registry update and so on.

Ok. I am running UnrealFileServer. I think it’s worth mentioning that I am using a mac for this project so I used Xcode instead. I have a PC with me so if necessary, I can switch over at any time.

What’s next?

When I did the tests I had to pass an argument to the server where the pak files where located, it will be relative to the content root of the engine if I recall correctly (or the engine root itself). Check the arguments and the comments.

I’ll ask someone who had being doing more stuff with the server ^^

I jumped the gun with my last post. I might not be running UnrealFileServer properly. I added them to a new unreal c++ project and compiled, but they are getting a lot of errors. After debugging a couple I’m beginning to think I’m doing something wrong because it should be working the first time. Do you remember if you had any problems building them with VisualStudio?

I’m sorry to ask you about such small steps, but there is absolutely no documentation I can look to on this.

I think the rest of my/your program is working correctly. I am just looking for a proof of concept that UnrealFileServer will work properly so I can begin using it for bigger projects.

Hi everyone, hope you don’t mind if i pop in.
I’m trying to get the AsyncPackageStreamer to work as well.

At the moment I’m stuck on the UnrealFileServer section that you have described above. I don’t understand exactly where I can find/launch it. Do I have to get the engine code from the EpicGames github repo and build a dedicated server ?

I’ve found the UnrealFileServer that you guys were talking about. But now I have another problem: where do I find the list of arguments and comments for the server ?