Streaming levels

Hi. I’m creating streaming levels for my game and now I’m facing a problem.
This is how my persistent level looks like.
Persistent Level

  • Cover
  • Loading
  • Game - Room1
  • Room2
  • Room3
    I’m going from Cover to Loading and from there to Game. Inside Game level I want to Load the next level Room1, but it’s not working. Why is that? Because if I load the map Game and I play it all the rooms are loading fine. Is this because are not inside the root Persistent Level?
    Thank you!

Make an extra map for the cover, loading and then for the game. Inside the game put streaming volumes inside the persistent level, and assign them to the rooms. Did you do this?

Thank you for your reply. I added cover and loading to Game and I’m removing from there this two levels when I’m playing the game.