Streaming Level Not Loading Properly

Hi, So I’m having trouble with my level streams with my packages. Everything works perfectly fine in the editor. But when I package the game, that’s where the trouble starts. My game has a total of 3 streaming levels and as the player progresses, certain levels are loaded and unloaded. When the player gets to level 2, level 1 unloads, and level 2 loads in. That all works perfectly fine. It isn’t until the player has the opportunity to be caught by the enemy and gets a game over and tries to restart from their last checkpoint, which is now in level 2. In the editor, I have a system that checks the save file for which levels to load in and it works. But packaged up, Level 2 doesn’t load in, level 1 is loaded in and the player just falls into the void. Any help to this matter would be greatly appreciated!

I think this is the most common error I see on here. Packaged game not working like the editor version.

Typically, the problem is caused by something not being packaged because, I assume, the system is not aware it needs to be. That’s not the case here.

To be fair, I’m just coming up with an idea off the top of my head here, but I think you may have programming warnings during play. In the editor, this is handled quite elegantly, but I assume in the packaged version, you’re just left with a big fat null, or something similar.

Have you tried playing it through in editor, and then looking in the message log?

Yeah I’ve checked the message log throughout my entire run of the game and nothing shows up there. I tried to keep an eye on that for the whole development process to try and prevent something like this the best that I can.

I’m afraid you might be stuck with debugging through print statements in widgets… Something’s not initialized, probably through no fault of your own.

It is possible to make print string work in a packaged built, can’t recall how.