streaming level navigation map not work

I use the level streaming skill. Each level fragment has its own navi bound volume。The issue is only the character I control can navigation the map, Ai controlled character can not move at all.

Any one met same issue before ? Thanks

  • I never had any luck with multiple NavMesh, just put a single NavMesh in the root map (persistent level) and see if that works
  • In Project Settings >> Engine >> NavigationMesh >> Runtime Generation >> set to “Dynamic”
  • Adjust Cell Size, Cell Height, and Agent Size there in project settings as well.

I’m not sure if it is a bug or not, but I noticed that the NavigationMesh project settings will override your placed NavMeshes always.

Maybe the way I use navi mesh is too complex. I will just use one navi mesh to cover all map, if performance is good

How about lighting ? Only use lights in root level , right ?

I’ve never had problems with lights in sub-levels.