Streaming level light baking different versions

This is kind of hard to explain, but maybe I am doing it the wrong way.
So I have this architectural design that I am planning to present in VR. There is a part of that design that has two variations, and I would like the client while being in VR that at the clicking of a button he could toggle between designs, this is not only one object, but several of them.

So I thought that I could use streaming levels for this, with a simple Blueprint I could load and unload the level showing the design variation inside the base design, this is in theory :).
Now when I try to bake the lighting I have conflicting issues. Because I have overlapping objects, this from both levels.
I have look for information about light baking on streaming levels, but everything seems to refer to different lighting situation (Day-Night) and not different geometry inside the same level.
Anyone has worked with something similar?? or has another way to resolve this issue?
To recap I have a basic level with architectural design, one section of that design will change loading and unloading a streaming level.

Hi Francisco, you can use the lighting scenario feature of Unreal to store all the lighting in your variations levels. Then you can stream these levels in and out. It’s pretty easy. Just right click on the variations level in the levels browser and choose “Lighting Scenario > Change to lighting scenario”.

To this for all variation levels. Then build the lighting for each of them with only the current variations level being visible during baking. More to read in the documentation:

Thank you for the answer, I already reviewed that document but I will take a look again, for sure I am missing something.
Thank you again.

The documentation focuses on different lighting in the scenarios. But you can have other actors in scenario levels like static meshes. You don’t even need to have a single light in a lighting scenario level. The lights can be in another (shared) level. The feature could be named baked lighting storage level instead.

I did some testing and I think this will do exactly what I need to. Thank you!
I’ll have to keep doing some test because I would like to be a soft transition now between levels, as I got it working they just swap very quickly and even the lighting change.
I need to find a solution for a soft transition, I found a few online but I need to try them out.
Thank you.

BTW I was checking your store, pretty cool stuff, those interfaces and map can be customizable for any other situation??
it would be too hard to adjust that interface for VR?
Thank you again.