Streaming Level Landscapes Cannot Render Higher Lods

Pictured are two “identical” landscapes, one close and one far. They are both streamed in using the LoadLevelInstance node. For each level streamed in after the first one, the landscapes only render a small checkered pattern. The only solution we have found is to only draw Lod0, but this isn’t really a solution because it’s an open world game, we can’t be drawing each landscape tile at Lod0 the entire time.

I’ve reproduced this problem in 4.25 and 4.27 (pictured) . All you need to do is use the Loadlevelinstance node to load a sublevel with a landscape in it twice. The second one will be broken.

Special Note : The bug does NOT appear in editor, but will appear with a packaged build.

I have reproduced this problem in Unreal Engine 5.