Streaming in levels during a matinee


We’re using the world composition system for our large level. We have a matinee cutscene for the opening of the game that cuts from one location to another location that is quite far away. When the cut happens all the levels around the new camera location stream in while the scene is playing, which obviously looks horrible.

Is there already a solution for pre-streaming maps needed for a camera cut in matinee or will we need to solve this ourselves?

I’m afraid there is no out of the box solution for this case. You will need to add some kind of “slave” locations support in level streaming. You should look into UWorldComposition::UpdateStreamingState function it’s where engine decides which streaming levels should be loaded/unloaded depending on current view settings. This function should take into account your “slave” location additionally to current view settings.

You should set “slave” location prior to teleporting to this location, so engine will have time to stream levels in.