[Streaming | External Library] Collect objects from levels and send to 3rd party library before play

Hello my friends, I’m trying migrate from Unity. Please help me…

I have many levels with blueprints.
After start game me need enumerate all subobjects in blueprints (prefab) and levels for database of the world and send this data to external library.

I’m trying to get seamless (with many levels) world with full database of gameplay objects on start and execute some logic in library before start gameplay.
i.e. Multiple levels + mulptiple blueprints -> enumerate objects -> get database all objects -> save to game slot | send to library

  • Level:
    I know what Unreal have UGameplayStatics::LoadStreamLevel and other
    But me need first of all load level but no activate or attach to world, enumerate, and the by expression - activate or attach

  • Blueprint (Prefab)
    It seems like fully prefab will be at 4.13 or September or else.
    I save objects from level to blueprints.
    How to enumerate content? i.e. hierarchy of blueprint.