Streaming Audio Is Pitched Up When Packaging For Android

Build Type: Binary

Build version: 4.17.1

Detailed description of the issue: I noticed that streaming is no longer experimental, but when I set an audio file to stream, packaged a build for android, and tested on Samsung Galaxy S7, the file was pitched up.

Repro Steps - Issue occurs 100 percent of the time.

  1. Action 1 Set audio file to streaming
  2. Action 2 On event begin play within the level blueprint, call the audio file using “Spawn Sound at Location”
  3. Action 3 Package for android, and play game. Notice that streaming audio file is pitched up

System Specs: Samsung Galaxy S7


Setting the source to 48k instead of 44.1k fixes the problem. Thanks!

Does this happen independent of the sample rate of your source?

If you set your source, for example, to 48k vs 44.1k (or vice versa), does it happen?

I suspect the cooker is not serializing the correct sample rate and the runtime is doing a sample rate conversion to the wrong sample rate.