Stream Media Source, rtp udp Camera

I am trying to use “Stream Media Source” with WMFMedia to capture a live camera h.264 UDP/ RTP packet stream, I intend to supply this stream using either GStreamer or FFMpeg, but are having no luck.

Firstly, is this an achievable goal using a simple GStreamer pipeline and udpsink / rtpsink, to pipe my camera into UE4.26?

Secondly I have seen the documentation for using Stream Media Source, but can’t find how to format my URL in order to capture this stream.

I feel the need to take this route as I will need to use the same camera feed into multiple external applications, I ave previously achieved this using the gstreamer UE4 plug-in, but this has unfortunately broken when moving over to UE4.26, due to a change in the rendering command macro used to create a texture form gstreamer.

Very stuck with this, any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

@DHWillP Did you ever figure out a solution to this? I’m interested in something similar.