Stream level at startup

I’m trying to stream a level at startup but my player keeps falling through the floor since it seems to be running collision detection before the level is fully loaded.

The setup is very simple:

  • Persistent level with just a skybox, sun, etc.
  • Two streaming levels, one of which should be loaded at the start. I need both to be streaming because I need to unload this first level at a later time, and I think this is the only way to accomplish that.
  • Stream the first level in on “Event BeginPlay” (blueprint attached) but the tick box for “Should Block on Load” doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Is this the right way to stream a level in at the beginning? Is there any event that fires before BeginPlay that I should use instead?

If I just move the player up some in the air, it will fall down but with a fast enough load time the floor is there to catch it. But with a longer load time (Oculus makes initial load a second or two longer) it still falls through.


I managed to solve this one after some more experimenting. I needed to set the game mode to “delayed start” and then after the Load Stream Level operation in the blueprint, add a “Start Match” node connected to your game mode to kick things off.

Thanks, that was really helpful. We had exactly the same issue. By the way, the same thing works in C++.

I can’t find “Delayed Start” inside Game Mode nor in anywhere in the editor… Was it removed? I really needed this option!!!

Should block on Load Stream Level does not seem to be working…