Latest video and screenshots !


Nice work Jason. I have been working on a Stringy Bark landscape from Northern Australia. Unfortunately not too many vegetation assets available for that. Ans getting a nice looking termite mound is difficult.

Nice. In the opening scene I felt like I was pig hunting out West.

Good to see an Australian scene! Nice work.

‘Give me a home among the gum trees…’

Nice work dude ! Loved the ambient audio, it’s the same as walking out my back door. lol

That work is amazing! I wish I was that skilled in UE4 and modeling XD

No Australian scene would be complete without Skippy ! Well…The scene isn’t complete but now it has Skippy and his mates !


I do not see any shadows. The lighting seems very much off. Very lifeless vegetation without no swaying or affects of wind… The Crocs are rigid and are more like statues than living things. It needs some work,

Actually it needs a LOT of work. That’s why I put it in the wip section :slight_smile:

Nice but as an Australian, I can see the colours are too yellow. Change the colour grading a bit more orangey~, also needs a bit more wind

Thanks for the mention @franktech ! The project is looking pretty sweet! When the crocodile came out of the water and tossed the warthog I legit laughed - good job :slight_smile:

Well played, time and effort are paying off.

I agree I got carried away with the colour there and got distracted while messing with volumetric fog. I hope to update a main scene video in the next few weeks to include current assets and maybe a dynamic storm I’m working on. I’m in Brisbane but spent most of my life North around Townsville. Spent a lot of time fishing and down the creeks.

Termite testing.


The snakes represent the Scrub Python and the King Brown. The python is so big I’m trying a physics solution where the head movement basically drags a physics chain. It currently isn’t very convincing I agree. The King Brown is all animation. ‘Punts’ as they call them up North are very square flat bottom ‘tinnies’ generally only used in the calm creeks. You do seem to be reading my mind. Thinking very Aussie commentary and themes ! Thanks for your comments.

Looks really good! I’m loving your foliage.

I’ve been getting a bit done over time with game assets and gameplay and though I’m keen to show some more of it, I’m holding back for now as I continue to test and build. This video shows work on the weather system.


New shots, new site and changing the title from scene to game.
All content is being moved to the Ayrtech site and youtube channel.
The next update I plan to show a basic mission / gameplay setup that requires the player to clean out some rats from the local pipeworks, with a shotgun !
Note I will be removing all videos from my personal youtube channel with all media now going through the Ayrtech site.
Hope you like the new stuff !


New basic gameplay video implementing the Advanced Mission And Notification System and the FPS Game Starter Kit from the marketplace.
Rats and Two-up.