Stratside, a Puzzle+Defense Game where you fight a Gravity-Changing Enemy Mastermind!


Hello everyone! I wanted to show you the UE4-powered game I’m working on, Stratside, a hybrid puzzle+defense game coming to Steam on June 2020!

Intro & Gameplay

Stratside is a Puzzle Defense game where you save planets from an enemy who changes the direction of gravity! Place gadgets to attack the intruder! Each gadget uses a custom attack pattern: combine your resources strategically to defeat the enemy before he reaches his goal! Don’t let him press the red button, or a whole planet will be destroyed!

The enemy can run, jump and change the gravity direction with multiple rituals. He reacts to your placements, and uses his virtuous mind to select the safest path! He will surprise you with unexpected alternative routes, and you will need to use logic to catch him: it’s ambush time!

You can preview the enemy path in real-time thanks to a hologram of the intruder, and change placements as many times as wanted, without annoying time limits. When you feel ready, invoke the enemy and enjoy the show: if your placements are perfect, the gadgets will stop him! Spoiler: someone’s robotic head may end up ejected.


The innovative gameplay of Stratside comes together with tons of engaging content:

  • 12+ amusing gadgets, to attack the enemy in brain-twisting ways.
  • Obstacles that affect how the enemy can move through the level.
  • Movable blocks, to create new surfaces where gadgets and obstacles can be placed.
  • Levels with multiple portals and red buttons, that increase the number of possible paths for the enemy in challenging ways.
  • 100+ levels: many planets to be saved!
  • Level Editor to create your own levels: from tiny to giant, options are almost endless!
  • Steam Workshop, to play levels made by the community and share your creations!
  • Level Manager, a file browser-like UI created specifically for the game, so that you can organize your levels in level sets.
  • Tutorials that you can follow or skip.
  • Customizable Music: you can select the playing frequency for every music type to match your tastes, from epic space tracks to relaxing piano music, among many others: there are 80+ music tracks.
  • Customizable Art: planets are like colors; you like this one and I like that one… so you can change the frequency of each celestial body if you want! The same applies to galaxies!
  • Settings, many settings: controls, video, audio, gameplay, user interface and more.
  • Full gamepad support, and the same goes for mouse and keyboard, of course.
  • Optimized enemy artificial intelligence that finds optimal paths in milliseconds, even in giant levels!
  • Steam Cloud to sync progress across devices if you want.
  • Steam Achievements.
  • Steam Trading Cards.

Compared to other games

Stratside is a puzzle game where you control a cursor and place objects in a level, while the AI-controlled character moves in a side-scrolling environment. You might have seen that in save-them-all games like Lemmings, Flockers or Mario vs Donkey Kong. In those titles, you help friendly unintelligent characters to build paths and reach a goal, while in Stratside you prevent a much more clever character (the enemy) from reaching his objective.

Stratside is also a defense game, but whilst traditional defense games feature a large number of dummy enemies with predictable paths, Stratside’s smarter enemy is much harder to catch, and powerful enough to move colossal planets through space! Unlike many defense games, Stratside does not make you click on gadgets in real-time to make them attack, here they are auto-battlers! In Stratside, the gameplay magic is in the placement phase!

Announcement Trailer

Gameplay Trailer


Find out more about Stratside on Steam! You can wishlist if you like it!

Also, feel free to give feedback or ask questions in this topic if you want.

Thank you!

Hi, I have updated the post above with a new gameplay video, new images and extended description!