"Stratosphere" | UE4 Student Project

Hi guys!

It is with great pleasure that I share with you our game project made in UE4 for University.the goal was to create a chase scene in only 6 weeks on a subject of our choice.The team consisted of 7 students from the NAD school in Montreal, Canada.We also had the pleasure to work with a team of sound designers and music composers.

The premise:
It’s the story of an adventurer who runs for his life while a giant snake inspired by the Quetzalcoalt tries to eat him. He escapes through the floating temples, rocks and mechanical junks with the help of his jetpack. Aztec culture and science fiction have greatly inspired us for this project.


  • Nicolas Beaulieu-Drolet - FX artist/ level artist
  • Véronique Boisvert - level artist
  • Maxime Chapdelaine -level designer
  • Maxime Deroy - animator
  • Laurie Durand - level artist
  • Gabriel Fleury - character artist
  • Nicholas Lachance - technical artist

Music Team:

  • Gabriel Essiambre - sound design
  • Théo Gini - music composer
  • Léandre Monette - music composer

Please enjoy a video and screenshots below :wink:
We do hope you enjoy and criticism is always welcome !


Good work! Like the snake!!!

Hey dear …

This game is very very cool

This map kinda reminds me of Jak & Dexter ! Looks awesome

Looks awesome! I totally wanna play!

That looks very interesting, love the concept :wink:

looks great! keep up the work

Thanks for all the kind words everyone!

I am currently working on a playable build.Unfortunatly, we have no more time to include the sound/music…

Great job. Would like to play the finished product.

Logged in just to say Kudos! Great job, very inspiring for slackers like me =)

good job! I really like the snake/dragon.