StrategyGame Eample Quick Question

Hi all !

I am checking the code of StrategyGame and noticed a couple things. Now I must declare I am a complete novice

There are only header files (.h) and not the .cpp’s right ? Also I fail to find a solution file (.sln) to load into Visula Studio.

So I am checking .h files and getting some ideas buut… well not much :smiley:

Am I missing something ?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

The Headers are in the filter “Public” and the Cpp’s in the Filter “Private” (or vice versa :D)
And the SLN is in the project folder, has to be something like this C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\Documents\Unreal Projects\StrategyGame

Ah, no, headers are in “Class” and Cpp’s in “Private”.

Thanks OmaManfred. I found .cpp files. But I fail to find .sln (solution file)


I searched every single folder and subfolder but still couldn’t find it. Any idea ?

Thanks again.

Thats because you first have to create the SLN File. Open up the .uproject file. Than in most left the drop down menue select “Open up Visual Studio” (or something like this, I am not at the PC right now) and it will create the SLN and the project for you, when It isn’t already created.

Edit: Oh cool, I just found out that you just have to right-click on the .uproject file and then select “Generate Visual Studio Files” :slight_smile:

Let me right cliiick aannd… Jesus Christ ! What magic is this ?! :smiley:


Thanks a ton mate. You really saved a brotha in trouble here. Thanks !

Haha no problem :smiley: :smiley: