1. What genres can be used to create a game on the UE4 engine?
  2. Can you create games of any genre?
  3. Is it possible to create a strategy only on blueprints?
  4. Is it possible to create a completely finished game only on blueprints?

My 2c:

  • pretty much anything can be done but the engine is geared towards 3d with a character, some things will more tricky to achieve, some genres are more difficult than others (MMO, simulation)
  • as above
  • yes - it all depends on the scope, skills, dedication and persistence
  • yeah, check out this guy’s @ClockworkOcean profile; also you can nativize
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I’ve said this in another post; these are my thoughts on making a game entirely in Blueprints:

It’s very possible to make a game using only Blueprints. Usually the need to integrate C++ comes in when you are polishing the game, as C++ is often the only way to implement system-related actions. For instance, you can tell when the game window loses focus in C++, but not in Blueprints.

When you do need to use C++, it is very simple. Often all you have to do is write a function in C++ that does a simple action, and then that gets exposed as a Blueprint node.

So, yes, you can make a game entirely with Blueprints, but you may need just a dab of C++ to make it the best experience possible.

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If I create a lot of levels with landscapes, I will need to somehow optimize, if so how?
I plan to use a lot of models. For example, do not draw what is outside the view of the game camera.

That’s already handled by the Engine, and it’s the process of culling:

As above, and Instanced Static Meshes & Hierarchical ISMs. It’s a good idea to learn how these 2 work with culling.

Adding to what @Everynone said, the Foliage tool is an easy way to place tons of similar meshes, and it uses Instanced Static Meshes, so they are fairly efficient to render.

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