Strategy game controller.

I am looking to create a strategy style controller using blueprint which I am very new to.

By this I mean I would like a controller which the camera follows which can move around viewing the map following the cursor (This I assume following the top down sample I should be able to work out pretty easily?)

But the other major thing I need to do is select different units then move them to specific locations similar to Civilization where the units can only move on one tile and only one unit per tile etc.
I assume I will have each unit as a pawn and the controller switches which pawn it will control?

If any one has any tutorials or knows if the second part is possible please could you show me the tutorials or if not tell me what resources will be best to work it out myself.

I know blueprint is still new and these might be simple things to do once I spend a bit more time with it!

Thanks for the help,

I’d say start small, implementing even the basics of a strategy game when you don’t have a solid knowledge of blueprint is too heavy a task, and you’re gonna experience quite a few headaches meanwhile if you start it now. Spend some time with BP and start with prototyping a simpler project, even a TPS, or TopDown, which then you can use some of the things in your game for the new strategy one. But even if you don’t reuse anything, at least you have a much better understanding on how it all works and ties together.