Strategy Camera - TBS / RTS camera blueprint

Strategy Camera
TBS / RTS camera blueprint.

Version 1.0.0 (initial release)

Submitted to marketplace. This post is a placeholder for now.

Marketplace: N/A
Video: [video][/video]

Strategy Camera is a Pawn based blueprint implementing TBS / RTS top down camera with all commonly required basic functionality.


  • Keyboard move / rotate
  • Mouse click and drag move (LMB) / rotate (RMB)
  • Mouse wheel zoom
  • Mouse window border scroll
  • Touch controls: single touch - move, double touch - rotate, double touch pinch - zoom
  • Camera smoothing
  • Adaptive movement speed based on camera distance
  • Camera controls and update are frame rate independent
  • Movement bounds
  • Automatic camera target Z-offset based on default or custom trace channel

PlayerController blueprint is provided with examples on how to move and wait for camera.
2 simple actor blueprints are provided with example of onClick move/teleport camera functionality.

Technical Details:

  • Platforms: All
  • Number of Blueprints: 5
  • Number of Materials: 4

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