Strategies for animating modular character BP with grooms & physics

I’m trying to animate my character in the sequencer but keep running into problems no matter which workaround I come up with.

I have a character BP with 5 skeletal mesh components and 2 separate grooms attached to 2 of those skeletal meshes (head and arms). Two of those skeletal meshes (shirt and sweatpants) use cloth simulation and the two grooms also use physics simulation. I can use this character as the third person player without any problem. 2x grooms inc physics, cloth sim on shirt and sweatpants…yay!

However, I want to use the same character in a sequencer too. I’ve set up the Master Pose technique and it works fine EXCEPT UE5 crashes as soon as I add a GroomBinding.

I can’t be the first person to need to do this so, what strategies do people use to record a video of a modular character with grooms and physics doing something specific in-game?