Strangest issues

I tried to ask this in the answerhub and it won’t let me log in saying improper credintals. I tried to ask this on reddit, and I suppose it is over that communities collective heads. So I am trying here. At the moment I am unable to continue using Unreal Engine.

So, up until 4.24 I never really had any issues with the shaders compiling. I’ve been using UE since 4.0. After I installed 24.0, no shaders will compile on any version. It just sits at the starting number and doesn’t move for hours. I went into my firewall and even put in firewall exceptions for UEeditor and shadercomplier. Still, it refuses to work. I uninstalled all versions of the engine and reinstalled 24.1.

I also moved my derived data cache just encase that was the issue and that is working fine. But, no shaders will compile.

Then I downloaded the conan exiles dev kit and it complies shaders fine.

Please help, I am about to give up and search out a new game engine.